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Recent Messages

Title: Run The Race
Scripture Text:
Speaker:  Pastor Elijah Wells, Jr.
Control #:  100718

Excerpt: Have you ever felt like giving up? Well, you have much to look forward to in life. With Jesus you can run this race that have been set before you. The Lord has equipped you to finish the race and to strive to obtain the prize. No one enters the race unless he/she enters to win. So, run on and see what the future holds for you.


Title:  The Reality Is, Thou Art Loose
Scripture Text:  St. Luke 13:11-13
Speaker: Pastor Elijah Wells, Jr.
Control #:  100627

Excerpt: Did you know that you are loosed from the bondage that Satan tries to hold you captive to. Listen to this message and you will with certainty know what Jesus Christ have done so that we can be totally free from bondages that sin has caused. The Bible says you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free and those whom the Lord has set free are free indeed.

Title:  Rest In Jesus
Scripture:  St. Matt. 11:28-30
Speaker:  Pastor Elijah Wells, Jr.
Control #:  110522

Excerpt: Today is the day of salvation and to be loosed of heavy burdens. Jesus said, “Come unto Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden (Matthews 11:28), I will receive you unto myself. Rest in Jesus is not a “rest from work”, but in work. Jesus gives rest for the soul, rest for your mind, and rest for the emotions. Jesus is our heavy load bearer.

Title:  God’s Timing
Scripture Text: John 11:1-8
Speaker:  Pastor Elijah Wells, Jr.
Control #: 110501

Excerpt: We understand that the Lord has perfect timing. Nothing happens by accident and the Lord has an appointed time for everything. This message encourages us to hold on to our faith when things are not happening in the timing we expect or desire. Remember, when the Lord brings something to pass it is the result of his intentional timing. So, set your clock to his clock and know that the Lord is always on time.


Title:  Choices and Decisions
Scripture Text: Psalm 25:8-14
Speaker:  Pastor Elijah Wells, Jr.
Control #: 100919

Excerpt: Choices, choices, life is filled with choices. What we are experiencing today is the result of choices we have made. You can make good choices with the Lord’s help. Know that one decision can change our whole life and so we need God’s direction and wisdom to make decisions that lead us down the path of purpose.

Title: Wilderness:  Not Another Cycle
Scripture Text: Num. 32:13
Speaker: Pastor Elijah Wells Jr.
Control #:  100829

Excerpt: Have you ever gone through something in life and it seems like you have been there before? Well, the children of Israel traveled in circles in the wilderness before they entered the promise land. You don’t have to travel in circles in the wilderness of life making the same mistakes and feeling as if you are going nowhere. With Christ, you can reach your place of blessing that God intended for you. Listen to this message and enjoy the experience and message of hope.

Title:  At Thy Word
Scripture Text:  Luke 5:1-7
Speaker:  Pastor Elijah Wells, Jr.
Control #:  100704

Excerpt: You know sometimes in life we do not always understand what the Lord is doing and how he chooses to move in our lives. But when the Lord gives us instructions, it is for our good and our faith must trust him enough that we can say, at thy word, O Lord…  Listen to this message and you will not be disappointed.